Coming in Jan 2022



BungeeWorkout® is a worldwide franchise hailed from the land of smiles, Bangkok TH, we are the one and only official licensed BungeeWorkout® Studio in Penang, and second in Malaysia. BungeeWorkout® is the upcoming and trendiest exercise in Asia, USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe and UAE.


BungeeWorkout is a combination of core training + cardiovascular exercise + resistance training — all with a bungee cord attached to the harness on your waist. Taking up most of your weight, Bungee is a low impact workout, whilst being high intensity and fun! As the only indoor exercise with flying movements, BungeeWorkout uses the resistance of the bungee cord to train you to engage your core muscles whilst improving balance and coordination. Bungee enables you to achieve movements that you never done before, experiencing a new sensation and achievement. Burn calories without even realising it because you are too busy enjoying and flying.

our method

Our BungeeWorkout method is choreographed to curated music, teaching you from the basics towards the advance.  We guarantee everyone will fly in their first class with our top quality guidance from our certified team. Our BungeeWorkout is packed with fun, sweat, and awesomeness! 

our bungee system

Rest assured that our bungee equipment & system is of the best quality. Fully imported from Europe with CE Mark & IRATA certified, our Bungee System holds up to 2.3 tonnes (2,300kgs)! 

why bungeeworkout? 

  • Low impact & ideal for anyone of most fitness levels 

  • High intensity workout elevating heart rate and increase endurance

  • Improve balance, stability, and coordination 

  • Fat burning workout whilst strengthening your core and tone body muscles 

  • Enjoy a good sweaty workout while having fun 

  • Experience a powerful cardio punch, bringing heart rate up as you soar through the air and activate your muscles in a totally new way!