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debby . w

✓certified BungeeWorkout™ Master Training
✓certified BungeeWorkout™ Fundamental Training Instructor
✓certified BungeeWorkout™ Kids Program Instructor

Debby is our founder of WO Studios and also one of our main BungeeWorkout™ Instructors. Debby comes from a business marketing background and is passionate about fitness & aims to learn more new unique fitness workouts to bring to WO STUDIOS PENANG.

life motto: "never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game" - babe ruth.

Zorro . W

✓certified BungeeWorkout™ Fundamental Training Instructor

Zorro is our main & supercool male BungeeWorkout™ Instructor whom every customers loves being around. His passion is fitness & currently trains Calisthenics. 

life motto: "do whatever you want in life without regrets because you only live once. It is now or never, so start doing it" 

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BungeeWorkout™ is a global franchise brand that has over 70 studios worldwide in 18 countries (& growing). Being part of the BungeeFamily Instructors gives you the opportunity to not only work with us but also in other BungeeWorkout studio worldwide.

Welcome to join us with your passion in the fitness/dance industry and willing to commit to be part of our family.


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