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Our Signature BungeeWorkout™

Bungee Workout™ is a high-cardio, core-strengthening and low-impact unique fitness program inspired & modified from acrobatics suitable for everyone. Each session is a 60 minutes guided workout, and it is limited to 10 participants. The experiences of our bungee classes going against the resistance provides a wonderful and effective exercise on the ground and in the air. We guarantee all first timers can fly during their first class!

这是一种高强度的核心锻炼,融合了舞蹈和有氧操,结合最新节奏感强的流行音乐。课程时间为60分钟,包括热身和课后放松拉伸。我们的蹦极运动对抗阻力的经验提供了一种在地面和空中进行的奇妙而有效的锻炼。 我们保证所有新来的学生都可以在第一堂课上飞行。

Our Signature BungeeWorkout: Classes

Bungee Intro

Suitable & recommended for:
• first timers 
• slower pace, lower impact & intensity workout
• plus size
• recovered from past injuries & looking for a low impact workout

bungeeINTRO is designed for everyone especially beginners. You'll focus on how to breath, engage core & transfer weight properly in order to fully understand low impact exercise. You will still experience the feeling of gracefully flying in the air & full body workout from your first flight with us.

Our Signature BungeeWorkout: Text

BungeeWorkout™ Basic to Advance

(group class available) (private class available) 

• recommended for those that have attended BungeeINTRO 
• higher-intensity
• CHOREOGRAPHY based class
• learn over 30 skills as you progress from Basic to Advance

bungeeWORKOUT® The signature class of bungeeWORKOUT® brand. With a focus on CHOREOGRAPHY, experience the feeling of gracefully flying in the air with this core-focused, toning, full body workout that improves balance and stability.

Our Signature BungeeWorkout: Text

Bungee FIT

(private class available) 

• recommended for those that seeks to build cardio endurance / familiarise with bungee skills
• emphasise on bungee skills with high reps & consistent movement
• NON-choreography class
• double the intensity, double the flight! 

bungeeFIT - no choreography , just non-stop movement & fun on the bungee. BungeeFIT focuses on high reps of bungee skills while maintaining a raised heart-rate for extra calorie-burn experience. Feel the burn and enjoy a full body workout that improves core-strength, mobility, balance & stability while toning muscles. 

Our Signature BungeeWorkout: Text
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