BungeeWorkout® is a worldwide franchised hailed from the land of smiles, Bangkok TH, we are the one and only official licensed BungeeWorkout® Studio in Penang, and second in Malaysia. BungeeWorkout® is the upcoming and trendiest exercise in Asia, USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe and UAE. Bungee Workout® is a high-cardio, core-strengthening and low-impact , high intensity choreographed program inspired & modified from acrobatics suitable for everyone. Each session is a 60 minutes guided workout, and it is limited to 6 participants. The experiences of our bungee classes going against the resistance provides a wonderful and effective exercise on the ground and in the air. We guarantee all first timers can fly during their first class. 

BungeeWorkout Programs 

We offer BungeeWorkout from beginners to advance levels. Everyone will start from an intro or beginner class and slowly with consistency you will move to intermediate and soon enough you will be flying with the advance group. BungeeWorkout is recommended 1-3 times a week, when you are able to commit at least once a week, you will see your progress grow. 

BungeeINTRO/BEGINNER: For all beginners with zero BungeeWorkout experience, no matter your fitness level, as long as you are in a healthy condition, you can fly with us! We guarantee you will fly from your very first class. 

Bungee INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCE: Ensure you have learnt all of the basic skills and you are ready to further learn up the other 40 skills and transition methods, experiencing a very fun choreography workout on your every visit. You can always approach our friendly instructors to advice if you can start joining the intermediate and advance class.

We offer group class of 6 and if you would like to get on a personal level, we offer privates too. 


(private class available) 

• recommended for those that seeks to build cardio endurance / familiarise with bungee skills
• emphasise on bungee skills with high reps & consistent movement
• NON-choreography class
• double the intensity, double the flight! 

bungeeFIT - no choreography , just non-stop movement & fun on the bungee. BungeeFIT focuses on high reps of bungee skills while maintaining a raised heart-rate for extra calorie-burn experience. Feel the burn and enjoy a full body workout that improves core-strength, mobility, balance & stability while toning muscles.