「Bungee Workout」运动新体验! The new fitness trend!

Updated: Jun 10

想感受离地飞翔的自由感吗?WO STUDIOS 健身俱乐部让你做得到!

全球健身风潮持续延烧,其中有飞跃健身之称的「Bungee Workout蹦极运动」,是利用弹力吊索,让人感受如360度的自由飞翔,藉由吊索的辅助,加強肌肉核心的锻炼和增加肌力,也能伸展並放松背部,纾解现代人因長期使用电脑或不良姿势而引起的背痛问题,成为上班族的运动新选择! Bungee Workout于2016年3月原创于泰国曼谷,目前全球已有18个国家包括美国、加拿大、大陆、阿拉伯等都相当风靡此运动,透过弹力吊索的帮助,能夠更大幅度的做出各种舞蹈动作,看起來相当优雅,就像是快节奏的太空人,比起跑步、一般健身房器材,可以更无拘无束的舒展筋骨。实际上Bungee Workout能大量锻炼核心肌群,属于高強度间歇运动,在吊索的弹力辅助下,可以更轻松做出如弹跳、后倒的动作,运动变化更大、更具挑战性,对于已经熟悉有氧舞蹈课程的人来说,能夠获得更多成就感,而对于有氧新手來说,Bungee Workout蹦极运动则提供了安全穩定的运动方式。

The global fitness trend continues to hype, and among them, is known as the "BungeeWorkout"! With the assistance of the bungee cord, the exercise helps increase the core muscle strength and can also help with stretching and relaxing the back, relieving back pains caused by office syndrome (long-term use of computers or poor posture), which is why it is becoming the new exercise choice for office workers!

Bungee Workout was originally created in Bangkok, Thailand in March 2016. At present, there are already 18 countries in the world including the United States, Canada, mainland China, and South East Asia that are quite popular with this exercise. With this exercise you can stretch muscles more freely than running or general gym equipment. In fact, Bungee Workout can exercise a large number of core muscle groups, which is a high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIT). With the help of the elasticity of the bungee cord, it can make movements easier with low-impact to achieve. The movement changes and as you progress it gets more and more challenging. People who are familiar with aerobic dance courses can get more sense of accomplishment, and for aerobic novices, Bungee Workout provides a safe and stable way to exercise.

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