Bungee Workout FAQ — Rapid Answers

BungeeWorkout is made for everyone seeking a low impact, high intensity and fun workout! Anyone in a healthy condition can do this, no experience needed!

we guarantee everyone can FLY from your very first class!"

1. What health conditions do I need to meet?

Bungee Workout is a low impact, but high-intensity cardio exercise that uses the resistance of the bungee cord. Participants must be in good health. Please consult our team before signing up if you have any current/recent/previous recovered medical history/injuries/surgeries. We will give our 100% best and honest advise if you are keen to workout with us!

"time to try something new"

2. I have no fitness or exercise habit/background, can I still join Bungee Workout class?

Yes, definitely as long you are in a good health condition! Everyone starts from zero, we will teach you from the basics all the way till you are in advance. Have fun while working out in our non-judgemental studio, let's FLY together!


3. Is there an AGE limit?

Our programs - BungeeIntro, BungeeWorkout, BungeeFIT is suitable for all 16 - 60 years old (available via Group Class / Private Session)

Our program - BungeeKIDS/BungeeFAMILY is suitable for all 5 - 60 years old (available via Private Session / Workshop)

4. Is there a WEIGHT limit?

For customers' safety and comfort, we have a weight limit of 100kg. Our bungee harness will fit up to 45inch (114cm) waist and 25inch (66cm) thigh circumference.

5. Can I join a Bungee Workout class during or after pregnancy?

You must not take a Bungee Workout class if you are pregnant. We advise for you to only participate 6 months after natural childbirth or 12 months after having a caesarean section.

Have other burning questions? Ask us anytime!
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