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what to expect? what to wear and bring? where to park?"

1. I'm new to Bungee Workout. Which class should I choose and how do I prepare myself? Just come with an open heart to learn and have fun while sweating it out!

Join any of our group beginner classes for BungeeIntro or BungeeWorkout. We would recommend to attend BungeeIntro for your very first class to learn and understand on how to use the bungee cord resistance with more in-depth details. If you prefer 1 to 1, we also have the option of Private Class for 2 pax where we can give 100% focus on you and your plus one.

我对蹦极运动还不熟悉。这是我第一次,我应该选哪一堂课? 你可以参加我们的任何一个团体初级班 BungeeIntro or BungeeWorkout。我们建议您在第一堂课上参加 BungeeIntro,学习和理解如何使用蹦极绳阻力,并提供更深入的细节。如果您喜欢1比1,我们还可以选择2人的私人舱,我们可以100%关注你们.

2. What to expect from my first class? We'll always begin with a warm up, followed by putting on a neoprene pants (provided by us), and the the bungee harness. Once your gear is on, we'll clipped you on to the bungee cord, and we'll begin the class where you will learn and practice a bungee routine choreographed by your instructor. The class will end with a cool down to bring your heart rate down and relax your muscles. You may feel some discomfort and pressure from the harness, especially on your inner thigh. Just like many other sports, such as spinning and boxing, it will take some time to get use to the bungee harness. So, it'll take a few bungee classes to feel comfortable with the harness. We encourage you to keep trying as the more you practice with consistency, the more you'll enjoy Bungee Workout! 我的第一堂课会怎么样? 在一堂课会学:热身 - 穿蹦极Equipment - 开始上课学习蹦极动作 - 放松拉伸 你可能会感到 不习惯穿 Bungee Harness 和 一些不舒服,特别是在你的大腿内侧。就像许多其他运动,Spinning and Boxing,它将需要一些时间来适应 Bungee Harness。所以,你需要上几节蹦极课才能感觉到 Bungee Harness 舒适。我们鼓励你不断尝试,因为你练习得越多,你就会越喜欢蹦极运动!加油, 你可以的!

never give up , great things takes time!

3. What should I wear to a Bungee Workout class? Clothing: Ladies🚺:Wear comfortable and fitted clothing. Leggings, running tights, tank tops and t-shirts are recommended. We

advise to wear a top that covers your waist, and seamless and soft underwear to prevent chafing. Gentlemen🚹: Wear fitted pants or shorts with a smooth waistband such as running tights. For tops, t-shirts and tanks works. Shoes: BAREFOOT. Shoes are not required in our studio as we use high quality soft bungee flooring system that ensures your landings are always soft and comfortable. So, yes you can come wearing slippers 🤭 If you have grip socks, you are more than welcome to wear them during the workout! Jewellery: You should remove all jewellery, especially belly ring before class as jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets and large earrings can accidentally get caught by the bungee gear. 我应该穿什么去参加蹦极训练班? 服装: 女生们🚺:穿着舒适合身的衣服。建议穿紧身裤、跑步紧身裤、背心和t恤。我们建议穿一件盖住腰部的上衣,以及无缝柔软的内衣,以防擦伤。 先生们🚹:穿着合身的裤子或短裤,腰带光滑,如跑步紧身裤。上衣、t恤衫和背心都可以。 鞋子:我们的跳舞室不需要鞋子,因为我们使用高品质的软蹦极地板系统。所以,是的,你可以穿拖鞋来🤭 如果你有抓地力袜子,你非常欢迎在锻炼期间穿它们! 珠宝:上课前,你应该把所有的珠宝,尤其是肚皮环都摘下来,因为项链、手镯和大耳环等珠宝可能会被蹦极设备意外卡住。

4. Should I eat before class? We recommend you to eat a few hours before class to gain that energy for the Bungee Workout class. However, you should not eat within an hour before class to avoid any stomach discomfort during class. 我应该在课前吃吗? 我们建议你在上课前几个小时吃点东西。不过,上课前一小时内不要进食,以免上课时胃不舒服。 I 5. What to bring and what amenities do you have at your studio? We suggest to keep it simple, bring the necessities in a small pouch such as phone, car keys, water bottle and towel with you. Our studio have individual lockers to store your belongings, free e-spring filtered water station, a washing sink, and changing room. Hair tie and pins are available for free too. 我应该带什么的东西来上课和你们的Studio里有什么便利设施? 我们建议保持简单,带一个小包包放你的电话、车钥匙、水瓶和毛巾。我们的Studio有独立的储物柜来存放您的物品,免费的e-spring过滤水站,一个洗涤槽和更衣室。头发领带和别针也免费提供。

6. Where should I park and how to get to your studio? Use GoogleMaps or Waze and type in "WO STUDIOS PENANG", the app will lead you right to our location! FREE Outdoor Parking along the front of CITY JUNCTION MALL (there are cones🚧 placed along the front but you can just park beside the cones) PAID Indoor Parking, enter City Junction Mall parking via the back of the building After parking your car, take the lift at Atrium B (the nearest lift next to XinFuTang / Fried Chicken Master, tempting we know😫) to level 3 and our studio is just right at the corner end. 我应该在哪里停车,怎么去你的 Studio? 使用GoogleMaps或Waze并输入“WO STUDIOS PENANG” - 免费室外停车场,到了City Junction前门后,有一排的圆锥体在前面,但你可以停车在它旁边 - 付费室内停车场,从大楼后面进入City Junction停车场 - 停车后,在AtriumB上电梯去到第三楼(电梯靠近新富堂/炸鸡师傅那边) 到第三楼后,我们的studio就在拐角处。

Welcome to the new style of fitness, the World of Bungee!


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