NEW: Reformer Pilates with WO

Something new, something fresh, something amazing, finally here at WO Studios. We are the first studio in Penang to bring in Dynamics Reformer Pilates. Our studio is equipped with FIVE Allegro 2 reformer machines manufactured by Balanced Body® USA, group class spots are limited, so book classes ahead in advance to avoid disappointment! Can’t wait for you to experience and further add on this new workout into your workout regime!

What is Reformer Pilates ?

Performed on a specialist equipment (the reformer), Reformer Pilates allows a more targeted and dynamic workout. Classes are focused on utilising the entire body to improve strength, flexibility, and even posture. Reformer Pilates movements may be small and performed slowly, as they are done to target specific muscle groups that you never knew exist!

What is Dynamic Reformer?

An intelligent choreographed workout that utilise the reformer to workout the entire body. We’re using the roots of classical pilates, modifying to a contemporary feel as we add elements such as props, to make the workout more fun, different and keeping it fresh!


The Reformer (Machine)

When you walk into a Reformer Pilates class, you won’t be lying on a mat on the ground. You’ll be performing most of the moves on a Reformer Pilates, which is a machine that’s comprised of a carriage that moves back and forth along a track. Carriage is connected to springs of varying resistance, which provide the weight for the exercises you perform. The biggest difference between a mat and reformer class is this addition of resistance to the exercises.

The SPRINGS add resistance to the workout

Red: Heavy Spring // Blue: Medium Spring // Yellow: Light Spring

Adding or subtracting springs makes exercises more or less challenging. And don’t worry about deciding which resistance to use — your instructor will shout out the resistance levels, sometimes with options based on experience level, so as long as you listen, you’ll be just fine. Your spring tension should allow you to perform each Pilates exercise with control, stability, and confidence.

The MUST HAVE: Grippy Socks

Please note that grippy socks are MANDATORY when attending a reformer class in our studio

Reformer pilates are much focused on body alignment and balance. Hence, your feet play an essential role in the whole workout.

How grippy socks (non-slip sock) helps?

• provide right positioning and perfect grip under your feet

• ensure footing and prevent slipping and tripping

• enables you to stay focus on activating the proper muscle instead of crunching your toes to stay in place

• stay safe from germs and infections

If you are committed to be in a relationship with Reformer Pilates, we would advice for you to invest in a pair of quality grippy socks that is long-lasting, provides great gripping, and most importantly looks CUTE! Our studio imports one of the best quality of grippy socks (MoveActive & GrippyAU) from Australia, you can view and purchase them here.

Grippy gloves are optional as we provide grip mats.

The Recommended Outfit

Tight/Fitting Clothing Recommended

It’s not only for comfort and ease of movement, but this allow the instructor to see the shape and alignment of your body. In Pilates Reformer we focus on alignment, technique and posture – and all of these details need to be seen.

∞ The Basic: Rely on Listening

Pilates is all about the mind body connection

As a beginner in Reformer Pilates, prioritise on listening to the instructor first instead of trying to look for a reference. Don’t worry about getting lost on what’s next, it’s OK to look at your neighbour especially if they are a veteran.

When walking through the door for your Reform session, put all the cluttered thoughts, distractions and stress aside and gift yourself the time to focus on yourself and body movement.

∞ The Expectation: World of Dynamics Reformer

Our Reformer Pilates classes are full-body workouts, so don’t be surprised if the class is harder than you initially thought it would be. Chances are you’ll be working many muscles you don’t use very often. And your core will take a beating. The core, including your abs, lower back and pelvis are utilised throughout the entire class. Whether to stabilise the torso so that the arms and legs can move or as a mobiliser so the ribs and hips can rotate and shift, your core will be activated.


It’s time to REFORM together!

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