The New Normal at WO Studios

Updated: Feb 25

Prior to attending class, kindly fill up this form to declare that you are in a healthy condition to attend a class

" your health & safety is our top priority at WO Studios Penang"

health check

temperature check

upon your arrival at our studio, your temperature will be taken via contactless thermometer (if your temperature is above 37.5°C, unfortunately you will be denied entry for your safety & others)

symptom check

ensure you are in a healthy condition before booking/attending a class (not showing symptoms of: dry cough, running nose, loss of smell & taste, abnormal body aches, cannot hold breath for 10 seconds)

contact tracing

you will need to scan our QR code prior class, declaring that you or your family members (under the same roof) have not: -travel to risky area in the past 14 days -shown any related symptoms -been in contact with an infected family member / friend

Our Responsibility: We will ensure that our team are in a good health condition at all times and conduct temperature check with the records displayed publicly.

physical distancing

"rest assured each of our bungee spots are at least 2m apart"

  • practice social distancing with other participants

  • wash & clean hands with soap or sanitisers before & after workout

  • train yourself to avoid touching your face during workout

tips prior arrival to studio
  • get changed into workout attire before class

  • bring less things with you as possible, only the necessities such as keys, phone, water bottle, towel (in a small bag/pouch)

  • arrive at studio 5 minutes before class (not too early, not late)

  • avoid gathering in groups before & after class

we're making sure that...
  • all public group classes are reduced to MAXIMUM 6 PAX per class

  • private class and family class packages are available

  • participants will have their own designated bungee space ( reduced change of directions / cross directions)


"stay clean, stay safe"

  • alcohol sanitisers and anti-bacterial hand soaps will be provided around the studio, kindly use them before entry to the studio, before/after workout

  • we will be using sanitising sprays for all belongings including shoes (placed outside of studio)

  • we are well-equipped with different types of sanitisers for different material and surfaces, including Sani-Cloth ® Sanitising Wipes, in order to clean all our bungee gears , studio floor and everywhere you touch before and after every single class

providing clean indoor air @ WŌ

our studio's air is circulated by centralised air system but perks of currently being the only tenant on Level 3 of City Junction, we are the only unit using the centralised air system for Level 3

"since our studio opening in Apr 2019, we have been using ATMOSPHERE SKY Air Treatment System"

  • it's a triple filter air treatment system (with Pre-filter, HEPA filter, Carbon filter)

  • removes 99.99% of airborne pollutants as small as 0.0024 microns

  • reduces over 300 different airborne contaminants from air passing through the unit

We at WO Studios will always aim to do our best to provide you a SAFE SPACE to workout and bungee freely without worries! Just fly , sweat , & scream it out!

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